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What’s Biota Coffee?

Biota is a direct-to-consumer company cultivating specialty coffee that heals the planet. Across the globe, humanity consumes 2.25Bn cups of coffee daily, each of which generates 15x its volume in water - making it the 5th most climate-warming crop. Our theory of change is simple:

  1. Establish long-term partnerships with growers to support their transition towards more sustainable practices.

  2. Coordinate with in-country technicians to help our growers integrate regenerative farming methods that unlock ecological and economic benefits.

  3. Document changes in soil organic matter, microbial biodiversity, plant health, yields & revenues, and cup quality.

  4. Share our insights with the world to empower the next generation of regenerative coffee farmers and consumers.

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B Horizons is our platform to share insights and updates from our mission to discover a more regenerative model that satisfies our caffeine-needs needs while healing soils, absorbing carbon, and rewarding smallholder farmers.

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An exploration of specialty coffee that heals the planet.


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Parker Hughes

Hey! I'm Parker, a climate-conscious and caffeine-sensitive entrepreneur using regenerative systems to restore the planet.